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peter van der velden
managing general partner
beni rovinski
managing director
brian underdown
managing director
daniel hetu
managing director
gerry brunk
managing director
vasco larcina
vp finance
jacki jenuth
andy haigh
senior associate
We embody the attributes that we expect to find in our portfolio companies: team integrity and shared vision combined with experience, passion and commitment.

Every member of our team makes a valued contribution to the success of our portfolio companies - whether it is providing direction at the board level, ensuring the accuracy of our valuations and external reports, developing our operating systems and procedures, or answering general enquiries.

Fresh, creative, established and connected, our investment team has successfully mobilized and monetized ideas, technology, people and capital for nearly a decade. Experienced investors, we’re also scientists, entrepreneurs and proven business developers with hands-on operational, executive and board level expertise.

Knowledgeable and efficient as well as techno and industry savvy, our team provides the operational, systems and financial expertise integral to our business - playing a key strategic role in the support of our portfolio companies, limited partners and our stakeholders.

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